What is Discipleship?

Growing in our faith and relationship with Jesus - sometimes called "Discipleship" - is a foundational activity of every church. Here at GBC we want to be especially On-Purpose about growing. To that end, we seek to provide a "Discipleship" menu (aka LifeGroup Resource) for each sermon series; a set of ideas that you can do on your own or with your LifeGroup that are designed to help you grow in your discipleship.

Check out our 'Guideline for Growing' that outline the “why” behind these activities and provide some ideas to get you started if you’ve never tried them before.

Guideline for Growing

LifeGroup and Learning Resources

Explore the Resources for each series below.

How we grow in faith

At GBC we use the five catalysts of faith developed by Andy Stanley. These common catalysts to growth in faith and relationship with God all helpfully start with "P".

Private Disciplines

These disciplines include regular time reading, reflecting on, or memorisig the Bible, prayer, fasting, and other spiritual practices.

Practical Teaching

This is the teaching you recieve when you listen to a sermon, a podcast, or read a book or article on how to follow Jesus.

Personal Service

When we begin to serve others we are following in the footsteps of Jesus who "came to serve not to be served" and we learn to rely on the Holy Spirit to use us to be a gift to others.

Providential Relationships

We have all had people who have been especially important in our lives. Our journey of faith is no different and these relationships are critial.

Pivotal Circumstances

There are times and seasons in our lives - often difficult ones - where our faith is tested. These times can strengthen our faith if we have a framework for processing our struggle in relation to faith and good friends to walk with.

Our "discipleship menu" is primarily aimed at the private disciplines and practical teaching with a side of providential relationships. We hope that as you take up these opportunities you will experience the catalyst of faith!