General Guidelines
This section seeks to outline the “why” behind these activities and provide some ideas to get you started if you’ve never tried them before.
Listen To The Sermon.

Sermons are one of the primary ways we turn our hearts to God in order to hear His invitation to us as a community of faith. If you weren’t able to gather online or onsite, or for review, you can listen by subscribing to the GBC Sermon Podcast or going to our here on our website.

One practice that is valuable when listening to sermons is to take notes along the way. This helps our concentration while we listen and our recall afterwards. Before you listen to the sermon (and this is true on Sundays too!) ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the invitation He has for you.

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Meditate On The Text(s)

Meditation is a term that brings all sorts of images to mind but at its heart meditation is about deeply and imaginatively engaging with a portion of Scripture. There are many meditation techniques and all of them take some time to learn. This is especially true in our day and age when we tend to read for information – quickly scanning pages and pages of information – rather than reading for deep engagement. To put it simply, you’ll probably find meditation quite a challenge!

Take one of the texts we have listed and read it out loud if you can – so you can hear the text – and slowly; more slowly than you might usually read. As you read, allow the Spirit to draw your attention to certain aspects of the text and use them as a basis for prayer. 

Another technique is to ask questions of the text. The classic five Ws are a good place to start: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Remember the questions are meant to assist your focus on the text but you may find that you are reminded of other parts of Scripture as you go. Follow these “rabbit holes” but don’t neglect the passage you are meditating on.


This is exactly what it sounds like. It’s simply a record of what you feel the Holy Spirit might by saying to you in each text. This might be a combo-practice; something you do as you meditate on a passage or as you pray. We have suggested a number of questions based on each letter to the churches to get you started. A good practice is to pick a time to re-read your journal and see if there are any themes that the Holy Spirit has woven through your journaling.

Creative Activity

We have been created in the image of the creative God and exercising our creativity is one way we reflect the glory of God. We have provided some simple activities (generally one per week) that encourage us to act imaginatively and creatively.