Baptist World Aid Australia
Syrian Refugee Support in Lebanon

Baptist World Aid Australia is a Christian aid and development organisation, who partner with churches to be love and end poverty. With the humanitarian crisis of the Syrian war, we are partnering with an ongoing project located in Lebanon, that is supporting thousands of refugee’s through the local churches and partner organisations. They collaboratively provide physical, medical, social, educational and vocational support which empowers communities to lift themselves out of poverty, challenge injustice and build resilience.

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Mother's Heart: Cambodia
Mother's Heart is the only organisation providing services for women/girls in crisis pregnancies in Cambodia who want to keep their babies.

Mother's Heart provides a unique wrap-around service to disadvantaged girls and women throughout pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. Through GBC's support Mother's Heart will be able to reach over 45 clients a year and provide support with immunisations, baby baskets, safe community-based housing, contraception, breastfeeding, parent and child development education. Support also includes mediation and advocacy so that the women/girls are reunited with their families and are safe and protected in their communities. Those who are ready to work are provided with vocational training and job placement opportunities, and are supported until they can sustainably support themselves and their family.

Tearfund: Strong Women Talking
Strong Women Talking (SWT) works to break the cycle of family and domestic violence within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and break the shame and stigma of sexual abuse.

The Founder and Director, Sono, was able to break the cycle of domestic violence in her own life, and her children's. Through Tearfund, GBC supports Sono and SWT as they bring culturally sensitive education and awarenes to other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island women, children and families in their communities. The support also helps SWT develop new ways of tackling systemic issues facing these communities.

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