What are Partnerships?

At GBC, we see God’s mission is the renewal of all things in Jesus, where relationships are restored with God, one another and the earth. Our Partnerships with organisations are a way that we can be others-focused and big-hearted, beyond our own community.

Below are our current Partnerships.

Baptist World Aid Australia
Syrian Refugee Support in Lebanon

Baptist World Aid Australia is a Christian aid and development organisation, who partner with churches to be love and end poverty. With the humanitarian crisis of the Syrian war, we are partnering with an ongoing project located in Lebanon, that is supporting thousands of refugee’s through the local churches and partner organisations. They collaboratively provide physical, medical, social, educational and vocational support which empowers communities to lift themselves out of poverty, challenge injustice and build resilience.

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Bible Society Australia
Indigenous Australian Translastion of the Book of Luke

The Bible Society Australia seeks to provide access to the Bible for all people, in a language and format they can understand. We are partnering to create the first indigenous oral Bible translations in Australia of the book of Luke, in four languages, spoken in the Kimberly region. To ensure the ongoing translation of the Bible into indigenous languages, we‘re supporting the Diploma of Bible Translation at Nungalinya College, Darwin which trains up the next generation of translators to ensure the future of their language.

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