What a week.

In a hyper-connected world we are bombarded with images of suffering and heartbreak. It’s so overwhelming. Wearied by the lingering effects of a global pandemic that has almost been forgotten in the face of war in Ukraine and floods at home – and that’s just this week’s news! Tonga is still facing the consequences of the volcano, Lebanon is still hosting over a million Syrian refugees, and on and on it goes.

How are we to respond as people of faith? How do we keep our hearts open? How do we pray? In times like these, it is often all we can do to repeat the promises of God to make all things new. To remind our hearts that this is the one we follow; the one we trust. And nothing challenges our hope like despair. Even as our news feed fills up with more and more scenes of a broken world, let us set our hearts on the promises of God and seek to pray, care, and respond as we enabled to by the one who is so committed to making all things new he sent his only son!

Marc Rader | Senior Pastor