As we head into the long weekend and a chance to (hopefully) catch our breath I thought I’d provide a quick and informal update on the next steps in the discernment process. For those of you were in attendance on the 17th (two weeks ago already!) you might recall that the next step is essentially to discern a set of strategic priorities from all that we identified as a community of faith. The senior staff (myself, Rox, Matt, and Vicki) have spent an afternoon and a morning sifting and sorting through the insights captured on a pile of butcher’s paper. It’s been a big task, but it’s beginning to take shape. Our plan, at this point, is to draft up a set of priorities with areas of focus and some initial projects/goals/outcomes and bring these to the wider leadership group in a week’s time for some early feedback before bringing a second draft to the Church Leadership Team weekend retreat on October 14-15. My hope is that we’ll have a pretty good idea of where we’re heading after that and that the senior staff will be able to create projects and goals to present to our leadership again before bringing it to the church in time for our AGM in December. It’s going to be a busy time, but an exciting one. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the process so far and for your prayer. I’d certainly appreciate your continuing prayer as we enter this final stage. I’m looking forward to what the Lord will lead us into! Have a great weekend!