This week the NSW government extended the lockdown - as expected - until the end of August. I must admit, even though it wasn’t a surprise, actually hearing the announcement was a little deflating. Upon reflection, the deflation was less about the impact on myself or my family - we really have had it pretty easy with nothing much more than boredom to deal with - but about the fact that this big uncertainty will continue to be the main topic of conversation for another month.

It seems to be the only thing I have talked or thought about for the last five weeks and now it’s set to be the centre of our lives apart for another month! And it’s exhausting talking and thinking about something that you have little to no control over.

All I can do is comply to the Public Health Orders as best I can, go for another walk around Oyster Bay, and wait for my second shot of Astra-Zeneca. Of course, there’s plenty of work to do but it’s hard. It’s a bit harder to get motivated and stay motivated, a bit harder to know exactly what should be done next, and a bit more uncertainty about whether what we’re doing is actually the most important.

I say to each of you what I am saying to myself, “Find strength in the Lord and be kind to yourself.” I pray that we might be a people who are able to respond to ourselves and others with the compassion and strength that comes from faith. Stay connected. Stay sane. Stay faithful.

Marc Rader | Senior Pastor