One of my projects this year is to visit all our LifeGroups. I have met with six groups so far and have really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know people in a different context and to have an unstructured conversation about our community of faith. I’ve enjoyed the questions and have been really encouraged by the friendships that I’ve witnessed among the groups too.

One of the reasons for my visit is to encourage the groups to be committed to meeting together. One of the reflections from last year is that those who were in LifeGroups tended to feel more connected than those who weren’t.

So, let me take the opportunity to either encourage you to be committed to your LifeGroup or to join one if you aren’t in one. I am very keen to make sure that, should we ever go through another once-in-a-lifetime pandemic (and we’re not out of the woods with this one!) that we’ll be better able to flourish – spiritually speaking – during any lockdown.

Life Groups are a key way that we can do this. If you’d like to know more about Life Groups, or if you’re interested in potentially leading one (this is often one of the obstacles for us) you can contact Matt Willis at

Marc Rader | Senior Pastor