One of our values as a community of faith is to be Big-Hearted; generous in every way. A generous spirit expresses itself in many ways – a readiness to forgive, a willingness to listen, an eagerness to serve, a desire to show hospitality, and an open-handed stewardship of all God has given us. In other words, being Big-Hearted goes a long way beyond financial generosity.

I see Big-Hearted generosity expressed in many ways in our community of faith and rejoice in the work of the Spirit in our midst that ultimately lies behind it. While it is not the only expression of being Big-Hearted, our financial generosity is one of those expressions that is often easiest to observe.

I praise God for the Big-Hearted generosity of our community of faith in our support of May Mission Month, Hopetember, Hope Drive, and the Giving Tree. We had planned to run the campaign for the Giving Tree (a campaign that seeks to raise nearly $6K to provide Christmas hampers for clients of Hopefield) for four weeks and yet, after two, we are within $400 of the target!

In a year that has been so disruptive and filled with uncertainty I have found our willingness to practice being Big-Hearted soooo encouraging!

Thank you for your financial participation with God’s plans to restore all things and join me in praising God for the good work this will accomplish in our community!

Marc Rader | Senior Pastor