Well, it’s official ... Our Senior Pastor Marc Rader has left the building but there is nothing that could keep me from GBC at the moment, for all the exciting things that are happening for us as a community of faith this month.  

This Sunday we will begin a new sermon series, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is like…”. We’ll be exploring the mystery of the Kingdom through the various parables that Jesus shares in the gospel of Matthew. Questions will be asked, nuance will be unpacked, and we'll all be tested to consider what we truly know, and what we have been unable to see and hear. I’m excited for us to be challenged by Jesus’ teachings as we seek to be Kingdom focused and participate in its construction.

We will also see the launch of May Mission Month throughout all our Sunday services. This has always and will continue to be a significant time where we consider how we are invited to be Big-Hearted and Others-Focused. We will be continuing to partner with Baptist World Aid, The Bible Society as well as our many GBC Frontline Missionaries. I’m sure you share my excitement to hear from all our partners about the work God has been doing through the various projects, and the opportunities that are available to continue to see lives changed by Him.

So, with this little taste of what is coming up for us this week, I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, online or onsite, as we gather together as the people of God.