This week in our May Mission Month spot we will be focusing on why we use that term with our… well, partners. There are several reasons for this shift in terminology but fundamentally it has to do with our purpose as a community of faith – to participate in the work of God in our world. This global, universal plan requires far more resources, ability, and passion than any one community of faith has.

Beyond that, the divine plan is unfolding in so many places, in so many ways, that our partnerships need to be inclusive.

We partner with each other as members of this community of faith.

We partner with other like-minded groups.

We partner with the Holy Spirit.

The Church is fundamentally a partnering community; networks of believers who are seeking to join God in his renewing of all things in Christ Jesus. We support our mission partners, but there is another question for us; a more local one:

Who are your partners? In discipleship? In evangelism? In mission?

Marc Rader | Senior Pastor