This Sunday, between our services, is our AGM.

We recently welcomed over thirty people into membership (with a few still in process) which is super encouraging!

One of the themes that I want to reflect on a bit in my report is the involvement of our community of faith in the implementation of our strategic priorities. The willingness of so many people to become members suggests that there are plenty of people who are committed to our vision, mission, and purpose.

One of the challenges we face is how to help everyone find their place in God’s mission here. I know for a fact that there are untapped gifts, experiences, talents, resources, and passion in our community of faith. We are working on a way to connect giftedness and passion with opportunities within our community of faith, but until that point in time, can I encourage you to keep your ears open for opportunities where you would be interested in being involved or where you suspect the Holy Spirit is inviting you to participate and let us know so we can work together to work together in God’s plans for us!

One of the things that excites me the most about our strategic priorities and the corporate process of discernment we engaged on is the chance to really work together for its implementation. It will take some time to gather our resources and align our direction, but when we do… it’s going to be pretty exciting!

I look forward to seeing you at our AGM (online or onsite) and the chance to outline a few areas where we are looking for passionate, gifted people – people like you!