This morning we began the second stage of our return to onsite services with our Friday @10:00 service. The first stage was last Sunday evening as our 6pm service returned and the third stage is next Sunday (October 31) when our 9:30am service will be opened for onsite worshippers. It’s been nice to have people in the building and to see familiar faces (albeit behind a mask).

Once our Sunday morning service is open for onsite services, however, we will only have begun our journey. I anticipate that our re-engagement will be gradual and that many of us will navigate our involvement somewhat carefully, especially in the lead up to Christmas and the possibility to catch up with relatives and friends. There will be a fourth stage in our reengagement and it will begin in February 2022 (well, January 30 actually). This will be the beginning of a new ministry year as Term One gets going. By then, of course, we will have a better idea of what it means to “live with COVID” and will perhaps have found a new rhythm for our lives too. This means that these next three months are an opportunity to reengage at our own pace and to, hopefully, hear the invitation of God to participate with him.

I look forward to seeing more of you face to face in the months to come! 

Marc Rader | Senior Pastor