This Sunday marks the beginning of Hope-tember; a month to focus on the work of Hopefield. I have the privilege of sitting on the Hopefield board and of having regular conversations with Vicki Sherry (Hopefield’s CEO) about the impact Hopefield is having and the opportunities that exist for them to continue to offer hope to those in our community who are facing despair.

Over the next few weeks you will have an opportunity to hear some of the exciting things that God is doing through the team at Hopefield and I know you will be as encouraged as I am when you do so! This week I’ll be chatting with Vicki and we’ll be touching briefly on how Hopefield is meeting community needs, on some capital works that will be taking place at their Kirrawee location (GBC), and what excites Vicki the most about the future.

You’ll be inspired to hear what’s happening; inspired to continue to pray, to give (Yes, we will be raising funds to continue to support Sue Chin who works in DV!), and to get involved in what God is doing in restoring lives in our local community.

See you Sunday!