As we wrap up the year – Christmas is only a week away – I wanted to say thank you to a few people.

First, a big thank you to the staff. In a challenging year they have really stepped up and done a great job. Special thanks to Matt and Roxane who took on a bunch of extra responsibilities while I was off playing hockey on my long service leave!

Second, I’d like to recognise the church leadership team – Susan Kusch, Glenn Smith, Cameron Shipway, Jordie Collins, and Mick McGovern – for all their support and hard work over the course of the year. I really enjoy working with each of you!

Third, to the elders – Derek Mullins, Barb Higgins, Sonia Beresford, Rhonda Montgomery, Leanne Carter, Ian Giles, and Bruce Harbour – for their prayerful care of the congregation.

Fourth, to the Discernment Group – Vicki Sherry, Rob Seaton, Meddwyn Hinton, Ian Giles and Beth Kepu (nee Munckton). I was so thankful for your work in the discernment process.

And finally, to all of you have participated in that process and who have faithfully sought to join in God’s invitation to see lives changed by Jesus - Thank you for the privilege of leading and serving alongside all of you!

I pray you have a great Christmas and a time of refreshment and renewal in the new year!