Over the next two weeks we are conducting the first part of a review of our leadership culture here at GBC. The decision to conduct this review was sparked by yet another story of a high-profile church leader’s fall from grace. One of the common denominators in these stories is that the critical event was preceded by an unhealthy leadership culture. Instead of waiting for a crisis to initiate a review, I thought it might be beneficial to be a bit more proactive!  

The Church Leadership Team reached out to the Baptist Association who have agreed to conduct this review. You will be invited to participate via a short anonymous survey whose results will be analysed by the Association representatives. This survey will be open for two weeks.

The Baptist Association consultants will also be conducting several focus groups and interviews with the wider staff team. The plan, at this point, is for them to complete the review in November and present a report to the CLT early next year with recommendations.

I am looking forward to identifying areas of our leadership culture where we can increase our organisational health. This is important to me as a leader, but also for our desire to be Trust-Worthy; a safe place for our community and so that the gospel is not brought into disrepute. Personally, I would like to encourage you to participate in this review if you are able and thank you in advance!

See you on Sunday.