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This Sunday we farewell Jodene Watling as she steps into the invitation of God in her life. This is, like the other farewells we have recently have, bittersweet. Bitter because no one likes saying goodbye, but sweet because in each case there has been a sense that God is leading into something new. 

I hope you can join us online or onsite for her farewell.I also hope that each of us are keeping an ear open to the invitation of God in our lives. Sometimes the invitation requires a big step of faith – leaving a particular role like Brett, Mark, and Jodes – and sometimes it’s much simpler. A kind word, a encouragement, an offer of prayer, an act of generosity, etc. As a community of faith we want to be listening (and helping each other listen) to the invitations God extends to us so that we can participate fully in all that he is doing in the world.

As we farewell Jodes, it is a reminder of what we are trying to do and, I hope, an encouragement to each of us even as we share this bittersweet moment.

See you Sunday!

Marc Rader