Message from the Senior Pastor

Our theme for 2021 is “Go… make disciples”. While this has always, at least in principle, been a priority for us, we want to take this command as seriously as we can. This is especially true in the wake of 2020 when our discipleship, like so many other aspects of our lives, was challenged. The image I have used to describe my hope is that of creating a whirlpool in an above-ground pool. You get everyone moving in the same direction and slowly but surely the water begins to move in that same direction eventually becoming strong enough to sweep everyone along. I’ve been really encouraged by the take-up of the discipleship menus that we have been creating for each week of our “Seven Letters, Seven Lessons” series. This is a simple way that we can all follow Jesus “in the same direction” and build up some momentum in our community of faith that will, as it strengthens, will sweep everyone closer to Jesus.

I am also really looking forward to this Sunday in our 6:00 pm service as we introduce a pilot program for a new Discipleship Cycle in Term 2. This will be an evening service pilot and will involve a fortnightly cycle for our gatherings that we hope will deepen our discipleship. We’ll be sharing our vision for this pilot after our service this week. If you are a regular part of our evening congregation don’t miss it and if you’re a regular part of our morning services but are interested, feel free to show up as well!

See you then!

Marc Rader | Senior Pastor