Last weekend there were six baptisms – a great celebration of lives changed by Jesus!

This Sunday we have two special guests: Mike Stevens and Craig Gower.

Mike is the senior pastor at Clovercrest Baptist Church in Adelaide; a colleague in ministry and a leader in the wider church. I’m very much looking forward to what he will share with us on Sunday from Matthew 25 and the parable of the bags of gold.

Craig Gower is a guest worship leader who is a friend of Steve Foxe’s (our service coordinator) who was with us earlier in the year (while I was on long service leave). I have only heard great things about that service and am looking forward to him being with us!

Part of what excites me is the reminder that God is at work all over the place. Sometimes we can get so lost in the immediate that we forget that there are lots of great things happening elsewhere. Mike and Craig remind me to look to the horizon and all that God is doing; to be encouraged about what is happening here too!

See you Sunday.