As the school holidays come to a close there is a growing anticipation about reopening. There are, of course, lots of questions about what this will look like and, for those who run organisations, schools, etc., a lot of work to be done to reopen responsibly, but we’re on the way.

We have begun working in earnest on the GBC Roadmap to Reopening and will be announcing it next week. Thanks to all of you who completed the five-question survey last week. It has provided us with a good snap shot of your willingness to return – once we get to 80% community vaccination rates, about 85% of you are happy to return – some helpful feedback from our parents about your willingness for your kids to be involved – generally willing, but in-line with schools returning to face-to-face learning – and some encouragement about our vaccination rates – we’re on pace for 98% of our community of faith (or of those who participated in the survey) to be fully vaccinated!

We have been receiving guidance from the Baptist Association (who in turn are receiving guidance from the government) and this will help shape our own roadmap. I look forward to sharing our plans with you next week and to (hopefully) seeing you in person in the not-too-distant future!

Marc Rader | Senior Pastor