This Sunday is Mother’s Day; an opportunity to give thanks for our mothers and those who have been mothers to us.

It’s also the second Sunday of May Mission Month and our second project is related to mothers. The organisation is Mother’s Heart in Cambodia; an organisation we have supported in the past and with whom we have just entered into a three year partnership. I am sure you will be inspired as you hear about their work and ministry and that the Holy Spirit will prompt some of us to generously and sacrificially financially support Mother’s Heart.

This Sunday is also the second week in our sermon series on the Holy Spirit’s role in the mission of the church. This series has come out of our strategic priorities and the discernment process. I am hopeful that this series will deepen our understanding of the Holy Spirit enabling us to be more intentional in our relationship with the Holy Spirit and, therefore, to be more able to recognise his promptings to be involved in the mission of God; to restore all things in Christ Jesus.

It’s going to be a great time together on Sunday and I hope to see you there, onsite or online