This coming Sunday (June 4) is the final Sunday to contribute to our May Mission Month appeal.

Thank you to those of you who have already responded to God’s invitation to participate in his renewing work by making a contribution to one or more of the projects. I am excited about the transformation that will come about because of our faithfulness to join in the mission of God around the world. It’s been encouraging to hear from our partners and I hope that you have been stirred in your spirit by them.

Let me remind you about what makes for a successful May Mission Month.

First, that we reach the target (and a reminder that our target this year is $190,000).

Second, that the number of contributors grows. This reflects, at least for me, the level of heart engagement with the projects. If we reached the target but only half a dozen people contributed I think I’d be a bit disappointed! Meeting (or exceeding) the target is obviously important, but engagement with the things God is doing through the projects is equally important. No matter how much you are able to contribute, let me strongly encourage you to contribute. Large or small, it is part of God’s invitation to us!

Third, that the giving to MMM is over and above our regular giving. We really want our response in May to be a Big-Hearted one that doesn’t simply redistribute funds from one account to another, but one which is a stand-alone, additional act of obedience.

I’m already looking forward to the announcement of God’s grace to and through us in a couple of weeks.

Let us be faithful to God’s call on each of us!