Another week of lockdown, not quite the update we were hoping for. For some of us this might mean more plans needing to be postponed for cancelled. It might mean emotionally preparing to home school your children. It might mean more time away from family and friends. Each situation producing varying feelings of disappointment, frustration, and isolation. I want you to know that you are not alone. We, the Church, are here for you and with you in the season of uncertainty.

I pray that you would turn to our Heavenly Father for refuge, as Marc reminded us last Sunday, and that as we draw from His love, that you will be filled to the point of overflow. Because I’m reminded that as we are filled by the Father through His spirit, the overflow has huge impact for the world around us. Love belongs to God and is poured out into us as followers by the Holy Spirit. Love is an activity, the essential activity, of God himself, and when we participate in the action of that love, we are doing (however imperfect) what God does.

What an impact that would have on our world, on all the people feeling as we do in this time of uncertainty. Imagine how the world would be changed, if when they looked at the Church, they saw an outpouring of love, of God’s love, and therefore, God Himself. God is still working, and I pray that you’ll find some way this week to work with Him and in Him through the overflow of His love in your life.

Matt Willis | Associate Pastor