On Monday evening we celebrated our volunteers. Marjy Robertson, who leads our Serve Team, came up with a COVID-friendly way to express our appreciation as a staff for everyone who has found a place in God’s mission here at GBC. It was pretty simple – a cupcake in a specialty box with a sticker on the side saying “Thank you!” delivered to the door of all our volunteers and a half hour Zoom gathering for us to say the same thing again. The best part of it (at least from my perspective) was actually delivering the cupcakes. I was assigned Kareela, Bonnet Bay, Jannali, Como, and Oyster Bay and must say I enjoyed the opportunity to see people in their homes (or at least at their front doors), to say “Thanks” and present them with their cupcakes.

However, it was also a reminder that the mission of God requires all of us to find our place in it. It is so big, so grand, so preposterous (the renewal of all things!) that there is plenty for all of us to put our hands to. For some of us, part of our involvement is in the ministries of GBC. But most of our mission involvement is in our neighbourhoods – just outside our front doors! So, to those of you who have been part of our teams – Thanks!

But to all of us, let us be open to the invitation of God to participate in what he’s doing in our homes, neighbourhoods, schools, businesses, and every other place we go!