This Sunday marks the launch of May Mission Month and a new sermon series on the Holy Spirit. This series is a direct response to the discernment process we undertook in 2022 and has been informed by the responses to our discipleship survey from earlier this year.

The bottom line of this series is this: the Holy Spirit has been sent by the Father to continue and complete the work of Jesus in the life of the church. The person and work of the Holy Spirit is, therefore, critical to the mission of the Church and it is of supreme importance that we understand his role and how to recognise his voice and movement in our lives as individuals and a community of faith.

This series will not answer all the questions we have about the Holy Spirit (to state the obvious) but I hope that over the next month we will be better equipped to participate in the mission of God the Father to restore all things in Christ Jesus through the enabling presence of the Holy Spirit.

Let me encourage you to make sure you listen to the messages over the month of May as I hope that this series will be formative for us as a community of faith. I’d also ask you to pray that this series would be formative for us!

There will also be a couple of other resources that we will be creating. The Big III – our mid-week podcast seeking to answer three questions raised by the messages – will be back and we will be creating and releasing Life Group questions for those of you who are in a Life Group.

We’d love for you to participate however you can as we explore the person and work of the Holy Spirit in the mission of the church.