This Sunday marks the last week for donations for May Mission Month. I hope that you have been encouraged by the projects we are supporting and that you will step out with faith and courage to generously respond to the invitation of God.

As a community of faith we have given literally millions of dollars to facilitate kingdom work around the globe and this May we will add to this cumulative investment. I am reminded that despite the impressive sums we have given, we are only a small part of what God is doing and will continue to do. So much more is required to bring about the renewal of all things; this is only part of the invitation to participate.

This is humbling and reminds me that our prayers for these projects are equally valuable to their success! And I am reminded that our gifts are, indeed, an investment. We are investing in lives being changed. We may never – this side of glory – meet those who we may help, but our gifts contribute to an eternal reality. What a glorious opportunity we have to invest in God’s work this May.

Let us be spurred on to a hope-filled generosity; that a difference is being made!

Marc Rader | Senior Pastor