I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what it means to be the Church. This fascination with ecclesiology (the study of the church; from the Greek term ekklesia) stems from what has happened (and what we’ve learned) over the last two years.

From the beginning of the first lockdown (two years and one week ago) our experience of “church” was disrupted and with it many of our assumptions, expectations, and commitment. As we continue to learn what it means to live with COVID I think many believers are asking questions about the Church and their place in it.

Our decision to shift our language around membership to partnership, to introduce a regular renewal of that commitment, and to be more intentional about making discipleship central to our partnership is part of our response (all of which we’ll be seeking to do at our AGM on Sunday). Theology is contextual and is often done in a crisis; when the doctrine in question becomes important. What we believe about the Church is an important doctrine to explore at the moment and I hope, that as we explore it together, we’ll be lead to a new understanding and appreciation of the reason God has established the Church.

Marc Rader | Senior Pastor