This week Roxane Lawler, our recently ordained associate pastor, spent the week (Monday-Thursday) as investing in emerging leaders as part of the Arrow Leadership Development program. Rox has been involved for several years as a regional coach; meeting with some of the NSW cohort a couple of times a year including the residential components of the program. Her involvement is another chapter in our involvement in the program (Karl was instrumental in starting it and a number of staff have been participants) and is excellent demonstration of our willingness as a community of faith to resource the wider church.

This is part of our heritage as a church and is an important part of how we have participated in God’s invitation. I firmly believe that our history reveals patterns that may be part of our future involvement with what God will invite us to do. I am also aware that some of our resourcing is behind the scenes; Rox’s absence from the office this week won’t be noticed by many of our congregation (for obvious reasons) but her ministry to these emerging leaders will bear fruit for the churches and other organisations they serve, lead, and represent.

I’m thankful (and a little bit proud) to be part of a community that believes resourcing others is important and who frees their leaders to be involved in ministry that doesn’t directly impact us. It’s another part of our story and another place of reflection as we enter the process of discerning God’s invitation to us this year. If you see Rox on Sunday, make sure to ask her where she’s seen God at work this week – I’m sure she’ll have some great stories of encouragement!

Marc Rader | Senior Pastor