This week we start a new series entitled “The Courageous Life” in which we will be exploring several biblical characters who acted courageously in faith. The heart behind this series is related to our purpose as a community of faith. We believe that we exist to participate in the invitation of God the Father to join in the renewal of all things in Christ Jesus through the enabling presence of the Holy Spirit. This is an exciting and daunting prospect; one that requires courage. The courage to act when we’re not entirely sure that we can see the hand of God. The courage to act when we are the only one standing up for the Lord. The courage to follow the leading of the Lord. The courage to truly love others and set aside our rights and privileges for them. The courage to persevere even in the face of what looks like failure. I hope and pray that this series will help inspire our own courage to join in with what God is doing in our families, neighbourhoods, schools, workplaces, and networks!