I just finished watching the Premier’s daily briefing and the lockdown that we hoped might begin to ease from next Friday looks like it might instead be extended. Another 136 cases with over 50 contagious while in the community. It is all a little surreal. While we knew that there was a possibility that we might have a second wave, I don’t think I was prepared for a situation that seems so out-of-control!

One of the things the Premier said really stood out to me: the vaccine is the key to us living freely. At one level, of course, I agree and would encourage all of you to get vaccinated when you are able to. However, as a follower of Jesus, I was reminded that ultimately, the key to living freely is our relationship with Jesus (This is not a criticism of the Premier; she wasn’t making a theological statement! It was just a good reminder of the theology we hold!). I hope that you are finding comfort, hope, and peace in the ever-ready presence of Jesus with us (Psalm 46:1).

Let me encourage you to do three things. First, to comply with the Public Health Order. Let us not be the one who act as if the restrictions are for others. Instead, let us be other-focused and do our part to comply and help put the pandemic behind us. Second, join us for our online service this weekend (9:30 or 6:00). I know it’s hard to engage with the online format, but it is important that we connect as best we can with others. We will be celebrating communion together this week and will be hosting Zoom catch-up rooms after the 9:30 service. It would be great to join in one of these to touch base with others. Third, reach out if you need support. The elders have begun calling everyone in our community of faith to check in, but if you need more immediate support please contact us and let us know so we can be in touch.

Let us live as those with faith in these trying times!

Marc Rader | Senior Pastor