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This coming Sunday we farewell Mark and Nicolie Coleman as they step out in faith to take up the invitation of God to lead Ashfield Baptist Church. This is the second of three farewells in close succession with Jodene’s farewell on 14 February. In the next few weeks I’ll try to give a more comprehensive outline of what has changed and what we are planning as we move forward, but I thought it might be good to provide a sketch of our first steps.

As you may be aware, Matt Willis is stepping out of Youth Ministry and taking on Life Groups, Operations & Finance, and Volunteers (Serve Team) at GBC. We have appointed Marjy Robertson to lead our Serve Team, Greg Williams to assist Matt with Operations, and Kat Lewis to lead the Youth & Young Adults Ministry.

The other change is that Roxane Lawler will be stepping out of hands on children’s ministry and will be taking on a broader Families role that will provide overall leadership and supervision to Meddwyn Hinton (Playtime), Kat (Youth & Young Adults), and a new three day a week Children’s Ministry Coordinator that we are currently advertising for. Roxane will also be taking a lead in the development of a 'Family Hub' in collaboration with Hopefield.

As I said above, I plan to release a more comprehensive outline of these moves (some of which have been in process for over a year). At this point, however, I hope you take two things away from this sketch. First, that things are moving forward and that ministries like Children, Youth, and LifeGroups will be covered as we start the year. Second, these are not all the decisions that we may be making but only the first ones. There may be other areas that we feel as a church leadership and membership we need to resource, but these are the first steps.

I hope that gives you enough information to feel confident about our direction in 2021. Your prayers are always appreciated! We'll be releasing more information & updates for you, as we continue moving forward.

God bless,
Marc Rader