This Sunday we are continuing our series “The Courageous Life” looking at the example of Jonathan (the third and final first-person narrative). Like many sermon series this one has kind of taken on a life of its own. Each of the characters that we’ve explored (Esther, Abraham, Ruth, and Isaac) have each faced very different situations, far different from our own, and yet, their example is so profoundly applicable.

I am so thankful that Scripture is not a long list of propositions, but is instead filled with stories of people just like us, seeking to follow the Lord. This is never easy and is filled with ambiguity, uncertainty, doubts, and questions. And, just like us, there are times the biblical characters get it right and times when they don’t. I take great comfort in their struggles and hope that you do as well.

We have two weeks left and I hope that the stories we look at continue to urge you on to a more courageous life as we seek to join in with the work of God in renewing and restoring the world in Christ Jesus through the enabling presence of the Holy Spirit!

I hope to see you Sunday; either online or onsite!

Marc Rader, 
Senior Pastor