For the last week Roxane has been in Melbourne as part of the Arrow Leadership Program. She has been involved as a state coordinator for a few years now and after the disruption of 2020 the current cohort was able to meet face-to-face (another member of this year’s cohort is one Mark Coleman!). Rox’s involvement is good for her own development as a leader, good for the cohort to be lead by someone with Rox’s experience, and is good for us to be able to contribute to leadership across Australia by enabling Roxane to attend and participate in Arrow.

This open-handed attitude to our staff is one of the things I am really proud of at GBC. For decades we have had leaders who have been free to take part in various other ministries and those kingdom contributions are so important. It’s a reminder that GBC is part of something much larger!

If you see Rox on the weekend (or over the next couple of weeks) ask her what she’s seeing in the next generation of leaders in Australia and where she’s seeing God at work in her role at Arrow.

And perhaps more personally, ask where you are being invited to contribute to the kingdom – here at GBC and beyond!

Marc Rader | Senior Pastor