On Wednesday I had the opportunity to gather with a few pastors from some of the larger Baptist churches across Sydney to talk about leadership, brainstorm, share, and pray for each other. It was, as it always is, very encouraging and refreshing.

As the host (we alternate venues and this one was held at GBC) it was my privilege to share a devotion. As my starting point I reflected on how this period of time for leaders feels like one where we are drawing on our reserves and how I have been thinking a bit about store houses – where our reserves are stored. There are a few places in Scripture that speak about store houses and I was led to Proverbs 2:1-8 in which those desirous for wisdom are urged to store up the commands of the teacher – to turn their ear to wisdom, apply their hearts to understanding, call out for insight; looking for it as one looks for treasure. In so doing they will be led, in turn, to the fear of the Lord in which wisdom is found. Then the author makes this affirmation, “[The Lord] holds success in store for the upright.” (2:7a)

When we seek wisdom we gain access to the storehouse of the Lord; where our stores can be truly replenished. I concluded by noting that one way we seek wisdom is by listening to other wise people. If a wise person is someone who fears the Lord then when we gather as believers (and, in my case on Wednesday, with other leaders) we have the chance to gather resources in our storehouse. The time I was able to spend with these Christian leaders was, indeed, resourcing.

If you are feeling like I am – that the resources required necessitate dipping into your reserves – I hope you have others in your life with whom you can pursue wisdom; for “the Lord holds success in store for the upright.” Pursuing the Lord is a team event (and perhaps another image for the church?!).

I hope to see you Sunday as we continue to seek after the Lord together to receive the resources for the mission he has given to us!