We have called this Sunday “Shoutout Sunday”. It’s not a regular part of the church calendar (and I doubt it will ever replace Easter or Christmas !) but it felt “right” for such a time as this.

The idea is simple - after another disruptive year due to COVID-19 and an extended period of lockdown - we wanted to celebrate that we’ve made it this far and that we are on our way to what we certainly hope will be the new normal (even if it’s not at all the new normal we thought we’d be experiencing).

We’ve got a few special things planned for our live-streamed service including Zoom-Zoom rooms (not sponsored by Mazda) where, depending on the number of people who join (and we hope you all do), we’ll put everyone in several breakout rooms for a couple of minutes at a time to say hello and briefly share what we’re thankful for (and I mean briefly - the rooms will only be open for a couple of minutes!).

We’re also encouraging everyone to have pancakes for breakfast this Sunday - and remember that we will not have an evening service this Sunday, just one, all-in service at 9:30). And there’s more but you’ll have to wait for Sunday to see what we’ve got planned!

I hope to see you on Sunday as we take a deep breath and give thanks that we’ve made it so far!

Marc Rader | Senior Pastor