As we continue to take steps towards the new normal I am very aware of the importance of putting into practice the learnings from last year. One of the most significant lessons we learned was about how Sunday-centric we have been. Don’t get me wrong, Sunday services certainly have an important role in our discipleship together, but we must have complementary ministries and processes in place. It has become my COVID-19 Diagnostic question, “If we had to go back into lockdown this Sunday would our communication, care, and discipleship be any stronger than it was last year?”

One area that has been on my mind lately has been our communication. Thanks to all of you who read this weekly publication and, if you are a regular – or perhaps if you’re an irregular reader – I’d like to know what you think we could do to strengthen our communication to supplement Sunday announcements. You can email me at

I’d be interested in two things. First, how we might be able to better communicate and; second, what we should be communicating. In other words, what are the things you’d like to be hearing about more regularly? This would be really helpful for me as we continue to figure out the new normal. Thanks in advance!

Marc Rader | Senior Pastor