It seems that the common theme amongst all that is occurring within our faith community is the work of God.
As we look forward to our Baptism Service on the 5th June, we ask those considering this significant step to open their eyes to the things has done. The coincidences that weren’t coincidence, the doors that He opens, the journey He took us on. Baptism is a time of looking back and seeing the fingerprint of God throughout our lives. Through May Mission Month, we stop to partner with the work that God is doing around the world right now. This Sunday we will hear of the second project through our partner Baptist World Aid, and their essential work responding to the crisis in Ukraine. Finally, through the Discernment Process, we are, as a church, casting our eyes forward to the work we believe God is yet to do. With only three more weeks for submissions to be made to our Discernment Group, can I encourage you to continue praying, continue dreaming, continuing to be on the lookout for all that God may have in store for us as a community of faith.
God is at work. He has been in the past, He is in the present, and He will continue in the future. The question is, will we be a people who see it so that we are best able to accept the invitation to participate when the time comes?

Matt Willis | Associate Pastor