This past Tuesday we had a staff development day (in conjunction with Hopefield) where we engaged with some of the leadership talks from the Global Leadership Summit. It was an opportunity to pause and to nourish our own leadership. It was a good day. Listening to world-class teaching on leadership and then taking the time to discuss it with our colleagues in ministry was always going to be a winner.

While there were some important leadership principles that were enriching I won’t take the time to recount them here (ask me later if you’re really interested!). Instead, I’d like to briefly reflect on one of my key takeaways and that is that God has blessed me (and us) with a great team! I’d like to acknowledge the way the team has responded to a year that has had more than its fair share of challenges. Sitting around tables this Tuesday and listening to their reflections brought home to me (again) the provision of God. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was wondering where we were going to find people to fill the gaps that we had. Lo and behold, God is faithful! And what a great group of people. I’m super proud of each of them and their commitment to God and to his church here at GBC – and you should be too!

If you would, join me in thanking God for our team and for his provision in all things.