I'd like to express my thanks to everyone who has begun to pray for our Day of Discernment (Saturday September 17 - registrations are open!). As I took a few minutes each day this week to pray for that day I was encouraged to think that mine was one voice raised among many. I hope you felt that same sense of unity.

I found my heart stuck on the significance of inviting the Holy Spirit to lead us in this process. While that was the prayer point for Monday I kept returning to it during the week. An invitation is personal and intentional. A wedding event communicates that you are part of the extended family whose presence is deemed necessary for a full celebration. When we invite the Holy Spirit we are acknowledging the importance of the Spirit's presence to our process of discernment.

As we continue to pray for our day together I would invite you to continue to invite the Holy Spirit to hover over all that we do as we believe he did at creation (Genesis 1:2).