We’re a little over a week out from our first members’ meeting of the year and I am looking forward to reporting on the first steps we are taking as we seek to implement our strategic priorities [You can see this report and all the other papers for the AGM here].

As I mentioned in my written report there are a few key questions I am keeping front and centre at this early stage of implementation.

First, what is a sustainable pace? I am trying to resist the urge to get too many plates spinning too early, but to find a pace that we can sustain over the next few years.

Second, who can be involved? Or, if I might put it another way, “How can you be involved?” There are several working groups and committees that we are hoping to establish in the next term. These short-term, focused, working groups will shape the way we proceed in several key strategic areas including: discipleship, membership, congregational care, and faith-transitions.

As a leadership we know that there are people in our community of faith who are passionate about these areas and who have been gifted by God with skills, experiences, and talents for “such a time as this”. Let me encourage you to put your hand up and get involved where you can.

Initially, there will be limited opportunities, but the time will come and we are hoping that our strategic priorities will be something that we all find our place in; our place in God’s mission here.

So, keep your ears open for an opportunity to get involved!