One of the privileges I have is the opportunity to be involved in wider ministry initiatives. I count it a privilege because this involvement is enabled by the Big-Hearted generosity of our community of faith.

There has been a long history of releasing our staff team to serve in other capacities as part of their ministry here. I am thankful for the opportunity to be engaged more widely for the simple reason that it is such a life-giving experience! The opportunity to serve others, from the largesse of the community of faith I lead, is beautiful, but I also gain so much from the engagement. This ranges from my ongoing involvement at Morling College (where I continue to be one of the part-time faculty teaching in Bible and Preaching) to my engagement with the Baptist Association (serving on the board of Transform South Sydney, the Baptist initiative in southern Sydney and facilitating relationships with the Baptist churches in the Shire) to my involvement with pastors of larger Baptist churches in Sydney and nationally to my participation with the Australasian Academy of Homiletics (a small group of people who teach preaching across the region).

This last group met yesterday for our 13th biennial conference and, while it was a smaller group than usual, the input was stimulating and encouraging (especially the conversation about AI and preaching!). Many of you might not be aware of my wider involvement or that of the staff (for instance, Roxane is involved in the Arrow Leadership Program as a facilitator) and we don’t often have a chance to talk about it, but I am so thankful that I lead a church who is willing to release me to be involved more widely!

So, thanks!