This weekend we will be announcing our first members’ meeting for 2023.

Most of the papers will be released this weekend as well (with the exception of the Annual Report which we are still compiling and will be released next week). I’d like to draw your attention to two of them in particular.

The first is the Church Health Consultancy Report. This proactive consultancy was designed to help assess our leadership culture and identify areas to increase health. There are certainly things to work on, but in general, there is also quite a lot to affirm. The Church Leadership Team is beginning the process of working through the recommendations and there will also be an opportunity for our community of faith to ask questions, make comments, etc. after Easter.

The second is the Strategic Priorities Progress Report. This is our first such report and I am pleased with the progress so far. As I reflect in that document I am concerned that we set a sustainable pace and feel that we have done so in this first quarter of the first year of this five year plan.

Another question we are prioritising is “Who can we involve?” and I will be sharing a few such opportunities at our AGM.

I am looking forward to more people finding their place in God’s mission here at GBC. Whether you are an official voting member or not, whether you can attend the meeting or not – if you are committed to God’s work here, please do read these (and the others too!) so you know what’s happening as we seek to be faithful to what God has called us to!

See you Sunday