Revelation 19:6-9

Welcome to the GBC Sermon Podcast, a weekly podcast from Gymea Baptist Church in Sydney Australia. I'm Roxane Lawler, Associate Pastor. Thanks for joining us.

We are continuing in our series called What Is The Church - which explores Biblical images of the church, and how they each reveal a different aspect of what it means to be the church today. This week looks at the metaphor of the Bride of Christ and explains how betrothal and marriages in the ancient world were about community security and flourishing rather than romantic love and had distinct stages that symbolise the time the church is in, as we await what Revelation calls the Wedding supper of the Lamb - the time when Jesus and His church will be together.

So as we are 'betrothed' to Christ, let us be preparing ourselves, be faithful to Him, and to be watchful for His return. We pray that God used this message to draw you closer to Him, to increase your faith and make you more like Jesus. God bless you today.

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