Nehemiah 3:1-12

As we continue our study of Nehemiah's memoirs as part of our theme series "Renovation: Rebuilding for Purpose" we come to a curious text. Nehemiah 3 contains a long list of the people who repaired the wall of Jerusalem. On the surface, this list is a testimony of a group of people who said 'Yes' to God's plans and purposes, but behind the scenes we see again the mysterious interaction between human and divine activity. This background activity reveals an important principle for the people of God.

Will your name be included on the list of those who said 'Yes' to involvement in God's plans? I hope so. For, when God's people are united around God's purposes things happen.

This brings our first foray into Nehemiah to an end - we'll pick it up again in a few weeks time. Next week we begin a four week series exploring how God's people discerned the invitation of God for them. This series will be accompanied by Life Group material that will not directly follow the sermons but will dive deeper into discerning the invitation of God together. We will also be producing discipleship menus for this series and, of course, releasing the BIG III, our weekly podcast exploring three big questions from the sermons.

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