Renovation: Rebuilding for Purpose

On Sunday (December 5) we launched our theme for 2022, “Renovation: Rebuilding for Purpose.” The idea is simple; when we are renovating a home we do so on the basis of our changing needs – an extra bedroom, another living space, a more efficient use of space, and so on. As we seek to renovate our community of faith after two years of disruption we must ask the same questions. In other words, what is our purpose as a community of faith and what needs to change (and remain the same) in order for us to achieve our purpose together.

Week 00 | Renovation: Rebuilding for Purpose

Week 01 | A Heart Stirred By God

Week 02 | Confidence in God's Plans

Week 03 | Inspecting Our Walls

Week 04 | Those Who Say Yes

Week 05 | Managing in the Messy Middle

Week 06 | Responding to Opposition

Week 07 | Conflict Within Our Walls

Week 08 | Fake News, Fake Prophets and Fake Friends

Week 09 | Appointed to God’s Purpose