Songs Of The People | Psalm 114

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Songs Of The People | Psalm 114
Passage: Psalms 114
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This week we continue our series, Songs of the People, in which we will explore the invitation, encouragement, and challenge of the psalms. The psalms we will be looking at are determined by the lectionary; the three year cycle of readings that many churches around the world follow.

Mark Coleman shares some reflections on Psalm 114. This psalm considers the exodus, that definitive act of salvation in the Old Testament, but with a specific focus on God’s power and the invitation to God’s people.

The Lord’s empowerment of his people must be more than knowledge, but must be applied in our lives. This week, take up the opportunity not only to reflect on God’s power in your life, but to consider what that power invites you to attempt as part of God’s work in the world.

Is there someone you know who really needs to hear this message? Why not share it with them and see what God does through it.

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