Plan A | Sowing | Matthew 13:1-9

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Plan A | Sowing | Matthew 13:1-9
Passage: Matthew 13:1-9
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This week we continue our series Plan A: The Great Commission for Every Christian, a series in which we're exploring five principles of evangelism developed by Balinda Lakelin. This week, Jodine Watling, our associate pastor, explores what it looks like to Sow, the third of the principles.

Instead of focusing on the seed or the sower, she focuses instead on the soils of the parable of the soil as told by Jesus in Matthew's gospel and explores the state of our hearts and those around us as an important part of our consideration as we talk about Jesus to those we know.

We trust that you've been encouraged to think a little bit more about where your friends are at, to consider more carefully the state of their hearts, and to take them the words that you've been given to talk about Jesus and use them appropriately to sow seeds wherever you are.

Is there someone you know who really needs to hear this message? Why not share it with them and see what God does through it.

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