Plan A | Growing | Mark 1:14-20

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Plan A | Growing | Mark 1:14-20
Passage: Mark 1:14-20
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This week we continue or start our series around Plan A, The Great Commission For Every Christian. This week we look at the first of five principles that make up God's "Plan A", his only plan for evangelism, and that principle is the principle of Growing. Disciples are those who make disciples and so this is where we must begin.

The key questions around this principle are simple and yet quite profound. What is Jesus saying to you and what are you doing about it? And if you haven't heard from Jesus lately, how are you going to go about listening to him, so that you and I can continue to grow as his followers?

Is there someone you know who really needs to hear this message? Why not share it with them and see what God does through it.

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