2 Timothy 1:1-6

Welcome to the GBC Sermon Podcast, a weekly podcast from Gymea Baptist Church in Sydney Australia. I'm Marc Rader, senior pastor here at GBC and I hope that you are available to hear the invitation of Jesus.

In this week's message we consider the transformation of Timothy's life by Jesus and, in particular, focus on the organic imagery of a fire that Paul uses.

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Jesus changes lives and there is both an immediate and dramatic change as well as a long-term, life-long transformation. The New Testament uses imagery and metaphors to describe both. For those of us whose journey to faith may have started in a Christian home and whose "conversion" wasn't particularly dramatic, the organic images that focus on the life-long change can be a particularly helpful.

Regardless of your journey, however, Paul's reminder to Timothy is a reminder to each of us - tend the gift of God - in cooperation with the Holy Spirit let us continue in what we have learned, participating in the mission of God with the people of God.

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God bless.