May Mission Month



At GBC, we believe the mission of God is to restore and renew all things in Jesus Christ. Through May Mission Month (MMM), the GBC community has raised over $3.2M since 2002 for a diverse range of projects & organisations. Our heart is to live into our values of being on-purpose, others-focused and big-hearted & to join where God’s already at work.

These are the organisations, places & people we have chosen to support.

GBC Frontline Missionaries

We have 9 missionaries who work in local and global contexts, and are sent and supported by a variety of different mission agencies and organisations.

We as a church support the continued work of these missionaries through their respective organisations.

November 2020 Update

Check out our GBC Mission podcast to hear from some of our missionaries

Some further updates on our Frontline Missionaries







Mother’s Heart Organisation Cambodia     

Mother’s Heart is the first and only pregnancy support centre in Cambodia. It is a Christian organisation that empowers, and equips women through counselling, child development and parenting skills training, medical care and community integration. this project will support 65 women, from vulnerable and exploited backgrounds, in choosing the best future for them and their babies.

2019 Annual Report

MMM 2020 Video Podcast

MMM 2020 Audio Podcast





The Bible Society: Remote Australia

The Bible Society seeks to provide access to the Bible for all people, in a language and format they can understand. Over 3 years, we are partnering to create oral bible translations, of the book of Luke, in four aboriginal languages spoken in the Kimberly region. this is the first oral bible translation project for an indigenous language in Australia. it will also provide the online platforms & listening devices for accessible engagement. To ensure the ongoing translation of the Bible into indigenous languages, we‘re supporting the diploma of bible translation at Nungalinya College in Darwin. This 3 year government accredited course is training up the next generation of translators to ensure the future of their language & continued translation work. and here is an insight into the bigger story.

2020 November Update

Video Podcast 2020.

Audio Podcast 2020.


Baptist World Aid Australia: Lebanon

The Syrian civil war is a humanitarian crisis that affects 13 million people. We’ve already supported this project for 4 years, and due to the ongoing severity of this crisis we are committing to another 3 years. With over 70% of Syrian refugees living below the poverty line, we are supporting the distribution of urgently needed items to 20,000 people that are a means for survival during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as resources to survive the harsh winter months. To address the root causes of extreme poverty we’re also supporting programs that will enable 3000 marginalised people to access public services, receive education & access to vocational training & support systems. And here is an insight into the bigger picture.

Video Podcast 2020

Audio Podcast 2020

2019 Syrian Assist Podcast


We thank you for PARTNERING with us to see lives changed by Jesus!

GBC Mission Partnership Team