• We will continue to use the check in system within GBC LINKS.
o This provides an exact record of who attended GBC YOUTH and the date they attended.
• When a new youth attends, they fill out a registration form which includes contact details for the youth as well as emergency contacts.
o This ensures that we have contact details for all the youth that attend.
• To avoid multiple people using the check in computers, leaders will be stationed at the two check in computer and will check the youth in.
o Leaders will also ensure that youth sanitise their hands upon entry to the church.

Social Distancing:
• Youth and Leaders will be told to exercise physical distancing regulations (1.5 meters) throughout the night.
o We will be discouraging physical touch between the youth.
• During the message portion of the night, youth will be sitting in the auditorium.
o They will be instructed to sit 1.5 meters during this time.
• Programs that involve excessive physical touch (tackling, holding hands etc) will be avoided for all of term three.

• We currently have a team of 13 leaders and have a weekly attendance of approximately 40 youth per week.
o We are currently permitted to have 40 people in the old auditorium, 60 in the atrium/longue area, and 116 in the auditorium.
o We will have 2 leaders in the old auditorium and atrium/longue area to ensure that we do exceed these limits.
o Even if we saw a growth in numbers, we do not foresee exceeding the auditorium limit.
• There will be sanitiser stationed at the entrance to all three areas of the church.
• Upstairs will be restricted, meaning youth connect groups will only us downstairs spaces (excluding Hopefield).
• These areas will be wiped down at the end of every youth event.

• Until such time that it is deemed safe., we will not be providing food on Fridays, due to the addition risk that food handling involves.
• A Risk Assessment will be completed prior to term three commencing, to assess and measure the risk associated with running our youth program.
• Leaders, parents and youth will be reminded weekly to not attend GBC YOUTH if they are presenting symptoms such as a fever, cold or flu symptoms or if they have been tested and not yet received a negative result.